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Our Style: Value Creation

COMPANION D is your professional partner in transforming and scaling up your business – with a special footprint in digital and B2B.

Because it is precisely the leap from strategy to practice that poses considerable challenges for numerous companies and scale-ups. And because there is no master plan and no checklist for scaling and transformation processes.

This is the situation when you benefit from the support of COMPANION D. And when our mission starts.

Scaling Up. How?

Growing or transforming your business deserves thoughtful, unique answers. From people who think entrepreneurially and act with in-depth experience, who are open-minded, empathetic with your individual situation, curious about your challenges & ideas, and who drive your business forward.

We are COMPANION D – your partner for "Teams & Scale Up as a Service".

What makes us different from other consulting firms? – Entrepreneurial thinking, implementation power and our broad network of experts

Our Companions

We are passionate entrepreneurs, thought leaders, implementers, experts and networkers. We create value with collective intelligence and digital power. – For the digital era. For our customers. For her.

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