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Commercial, technology and financial due diligences for technology-oriented companies & scale-ups

With in-depth technology know-how and experience from more than 120 due diligence projects, we analyze B2B, digital and technology-oriented companies in particular.

Each of our due diligence projects is carried out by experts in the relevant industry. We deliver combined CDD/TDD fact books from a single source and, if required, we include a growth roadmap and plan for your value creation.


  • We know the challenges of tech companies and B2B businesses

  • We understand the mindset of founders, owners, and managing directors. Because we are entrepreneurs ourselves

  • We know which information and KPIs investors need to make good decisions. Because we are business angels ourselves and have been working with private equity and venture capital companies for more than 20 years

  • We create value. Because we have built and managed a large number of platforms and software companies

And afterward? – We can support you with further scaling of your business if required. This is value creation.

Due Diligence by COMPANION D

We are your team for due diligence projects. Our skills cover all types of due diligence including also vendor due diligence, red flag analysis, ESG, M&A analysis, and pre-due diligence workshops.

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