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»We deliver operations & change expertise for growth & agile transformation«


Imagine 2030: In a truly digital world, organizations 4.0 engage a smart workforce of innovation leaders, who work project-focused, self-responsible, in collaborative communities as digital commuter. They share a high set of creative and social skills to generate new business models, products, processes and organizations for the good of the whole
eco-system. They perceive IoT + AI technology as an important co-worker.



Corporate agility, speed and exploitation of complete people potentials are key to success to pace up with the dynamics and complexity of changing customer needs within the digital era.

Adopting an eco-system based awareness during organizational development and digital transformation is key to success; including a holistic approach and bringing together diverse cooperation partners and stakeholders. 

Digital start ups benefit from COMPANION D in-depth operational advise for implementing and professionalizing organizational structures and processes for continuous growth.   

Large and mid-sized enterprises ("Mittelstand"), who are often too big to change and lack of innovation leaders and ideas, benefit from our ODC 2-step-approach. 

Step 1: LMEs will become more agile and lean by empowering leaders and whole teams to adjust their processes and structures before rolling out innovation strategies within the digital + robotic/AI movement. 

Step 2: COMPANION D brings in our digital start up experiences and strategic network to co-design and build up a successful greenfield approach within the corporation to become more flexible for real innovation.  

Our ODC companions are experienced senior transformation experts, agile developers and digital forerunners to shape organizations 4.0.   



ODC Grow Professional


alt text Operating model redesign + set up
alt text Founders + management coachings
alt text HR recruiting + team set up
alt text Competence management + organizational development for growth


ODC Grow Agile


alt text New Era transformation
alt text ODC 2-step approach
alt text Greenfield design + set up
alt text Re-inventing organizations + processes 4.0
alt text HR digitization
alt text New work + leadership




We facilitated the top management team of a global leading manufacturing company to create a new corporate vision for stable growth in a changing industry disrupted by new digital business models. Jointly with our partners we set up a business transformation program including eco-system analysis, strategy design, top management alignment, design of new business model scenarios, and comprehensive communication and change management support.

"Most impressive for us was the individual journey of changing thinking of the whole leadership team"


For a global leader of financial services who aspired to be known as top choice for clients and talents we designed the global HR learning and development strategy and supported to re-design and implement processes and organization for the future workforce 4.0.

"The consequent holistic approach including all aspects of transformation - strategy, technology, procesess and people was key to success."

Setting up a strategic business journey to smart and renewable energy, an European energy leader re-organized corporate HR (+ 20 departments) to best support business remodelling with meaningful HR services. We designed and managed a corporate-wide HR transformation strategy and approach including defining service-specific blueprints, consulting and enabling of designated pilots.

"Managing such a large HR transformation required a stepwise approach which highly focused on pilot enablement and a significant cross-border and handover process to the next roll-out"