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COMPANION D starts up for the new era


COMPANION D builds up B2B digital startups + transforms large enterprises to innovative digital players for the New Era.

Frankfurt | San Francisco | Berlin | Cologne

With more than 20 years of experiences in investing and building up successful B2B digital players such as Kiwigrid, Venios or flowtify; and in global business transformation and innovaton projects of Large + Mid Sized Caps it is time to connect the dots. COMPANION D comprises comprehensive know-how of both worlds - the entrepreneurial + the transformational. COMPANION D is an unique eco-system of experienced and passionate entrepreneurs, investors, consultants, forward thinkers + mindful leaders. Acting as a strong network with special focus on transatlantic business set up and co-creation we empower our clients to become leaders from the emgerging future.

We are proud to shape the new world 4.0 of future B2B digital leaders in DACH - innovative, leaders in their branch, with strong potential for global growth. Thereby, we make use of our comprehensive network of transatlantic investors + Silicon Valley experts." Quotes Jan Stenger, Founder of COMPANION D + COMPANION Capital, the investment company and shareholder of COMPANION D.

"Our companionship of inspiring digital leaders is a unique set up in Germany. We believe in the power of connected entrepreneurs and innovation leaders to revolutionize the way we set up successful business models and to co-create organizations in the new era." Completes COMPANION D Co-Founder Lena Stenger.

COMPANION Capital was founded in Germany in 2004; and invests in promising digital B2B startups in the USA and DACH region.

COMPANION D was founded in 2018; and builds up digital B2B startups to successfully grow professionally as well as transforms Large + Mid Sized Companies to innovative digital players by taking advantage of our extensive digital + entrepreneurial know-how.

Lena Stenger